Getting Approved As An Affiliate

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Getting Approved As An Affiliate
We remember when we were starting off as an affiliate. Just joining WarriorPlus, with a plan in place super excited to finally get this all started. We went to put in an affiliate request for a product that we thought looked good.

Then a few hours later we received an email saying we were denied to promote that offer. Happened to all of us and maybe you also be now.

We remember thinking “WHAT! Why would someone deny an affiliate?” In our mind, we used think that even if the affiliate only generates one sale for them, that’s still one more sale they wouldn’t have had if we weren’t promoting the product.

So why in the world would this person deny us?

Why Vendors Deny Affiliates
This is an important topic to discuss, and we feel like very few marketers are actually talking about it. You can have the perfect plan in place, but if you don’t get approved to promote the product it doesn’t matter how great your plan was, you can’t make money.

So why would a vendor deny an affiliate?

Well, the short answer to this would be because of their stats. These
vendors (product creators), want to make sure they have the highest possible EPC and the lowest possible refund rate.

That’s the only way they will get the “big name” affiliates who can produce hundreds of sales for them to jump on board and promote. If their EPC starts to drop, they decrease their chances of getting a few of these big name affiliates on board.
When you put in a request to promote a product, the product creator is able to see your previous stats and use that as the determining factor on whether or not they accept or deny you.

If you (as a new affiliate) put in a request to promote a product, the product creator will see that you don’t have any stats, so they might not want to approve you because they don’t know if you will send them high quality traffic or not and many might not want to risk it.

Getting Accepted Even Without Stats
So how do you increase your chances of getting accepted by the vendor even if you have no previous stats?

All you need to do is include a message when you put in your request. Include a message letting them know you are new at all this but will only send high-quality traffic.

Tell them exactly how you will be promoting the product. If you have a website show them the website. Giv e them as much information you can about how you will be promoting, and then let them know if they hav e any questions you would be more than happy to answer them.

On JV pages there will be contact information also and you can connect with most all sellers v ia Facebook so you can introduce yourself directly. We have never turned down an affiliate who reaches out personally and haven’t heard of any other sellers doing so either.

If you are requesting approval for a product on WarriorPlus, you can actually send them a Personal Message (PM) on the Warrior Forum after you put in your request. Basically tell them the same thing in the personal message. Let them know you are new so you don’t have any stats to see and then tell them how you plan on promoting.

Here’s the deal, as product creators ourselveses, we can be  very picky with who we choose as affiliates. If we see someone who has no stats and they didn’t leave a note, they aren’t going to get
approved to promote.

Howev er, if they took the time to write to us and tell us they are new which is why they don’t hav e any previous stats and how they plan on promoting my product, we usually accept them.

You need to understand that people appreciate honesty. Honesty goes a long way in this business. So just be honest with the product creator and there is a good chance you will get accepted.

Once you start generating more and more sales, this is something you won’t really have e to do because the product creator will take a look at your stats and will happily approve you right away.

So go ahead and take the time to find a few products you want to promote, then put in your request but leave e a note telling them who you are and how you will be sending traffic. You can also tell them you are being trained by us in the notes and always reach out to us if you need an introduction or further reference.

Once you get approved for a few products, it’s time to move e on to setting up your squeeze page (don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds!